10 August 2015

kiko haul

KIKO is finally available in the US! Every time I see their products on European blogs I get so jealous, as if I needed another reason to dream of traveling to Italy. So, I spent about an hour adding and removing things from my online cart, and here's what I ended up with. 

(Apologies in advance for the photo quality, had some difficulties with my normal camera and took these all on my iPhone!)

The main thing I knew I wanted was their stick cream shadows. I have trouble with many common brands of these (Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, even By Terry), they don't set on my lids and end up feeling sticky all day. I end up using them as bases for powder. These Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows are not nearly as sticky as most, I can wear them on their own with minimal issues. 15 Lilac is a lot pinker than I was expecting, but is really nice as a sheer wash on the lid. It also makes a nice base to give depth to sheer powder shadows. 07 Golden Beige is the dud for me, hello chunky glitter. 06 Golden Brown however is a great simple warm shimmery brown color for an easy wash of color on the lids.  05 Rosy Brown is another awesome one and done type of color, it has a pinky purple undertone with a slightly silvery shimmer which gives it that wet look. This has a very similar effect to By Terry Misty Rock if you are looking for an affordable alternative!

Their Infinity Eyeshadows are, first of all, huge! They are 2g each, for reference a normal MAC single shadow is 1.3g. I went for some basic colors to get an idea of the formula. I expected 201 Sparking Silk to be a satin finish, but (as the name would imply) it is matte with some fine sparkle. Luckily when you use a brush most of the sparkle seems to dust away. The Infinity+ Sparkle Eyeshadow in 402 Chocolate is basically a wash of shimmer. It's relatively sheer and has a lot of fall out. I like the look of it pressed over the top of a colored cream shadow (Lilac works nicely!). 240 Mat Dark Taupe is exactly what I had wanted, a medium dark matte neutral brown that is perfect for contouring the crease. It's very smooth and blends easily, I can see this becoming a staple. I also bought the Eyes Clics 03 Palette to house all three shadows, but it's a total disappointment. I was hoping for a compact palette but this thing is huge, probably about 3/4" thick. Is it meant to store other products inside? You totally can if you want.

The Unforgettable Mascara sounded promising, it's described as a long lasting curling mascara. However it does not curl or hold a lash curler curl on my lashes, as expected. Only waterproof mascara seems to work for me unfortunately. The other problem with this is the strong smell, anyone with a sensitive noise should beware.

Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation was something I was curious to try after seeing it on Lily Pebbles blog. It has a really nice lightweight texture, thin consistency, and a light/medium coverage. It sets to a nice satin finish and I almost don't feel the need to use a setting powder. The color I picked, 13 Warm Beige, is a shade dark for me right now but should be perfect when I get a bit of a tan. For now I've been mixing it with a tinted moisturizer that is a little too light, and it makes a nice sheer everyday base applied with a beautyblender sponge.

I loved their selection of colored pen type eyeliners. Miami Click Slick Eyeliner 05 Vivacious Blue is so bright and perfect for a colorful summer look! It is a little sheer and needs 2-3 layers to reach full opacity, as shown in the swatches. The "click" style dispenser is far from perfect also, have a tissue handy for the extra. The Ultimate Pen Longwear Eyeliner in 03 Green is really fun. I've been wearing dark blue liner a lot recently so I've enjoyed switching it up with the dark green, the effect is subtle enough to still wear to work also. The quality is great, opaque in one swipe and very long wearing.

I couldn't finish up my order without trying a few lipsticks as well. Smart Lipstick 917 Mauve Pink is a very simple lipstick, the color comes across a little light and frosted on my pigmented lips so I'm not sure I'll get much wear out of it. The Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick in 805 Strawberry Pink is probably my favorite of the three. It has a thick glossy texture that is comfortable, long wearing, and flattering on lip lines. I'd like to get some other colors of this, the pink is fun but a little bright for everyday. Finally, the Crystal Sheer Lipstick in 406 Tropical Orange. The packaging on this is pretty terrible, bulky plastic and tricky to open. The color though is amazing, love the sheer tint of orange. Make sure to exfoliate your lips a little though, it's comfortable but does emphasize any flakiness.