26 October 2014

lazy sunday: summer eye shadow favorites

I found myself incredibly busy at work this summer, and every weekend was packed with activities. Now that I finally have a chance to breathe, here's a quick look at the eye shadows that I have been wearing some combination of non-stop. In a hurry? Try a quick wash of NARS Himalia, I've found fingers to be the easiest way to apply. Don't forget the eyeliner though, a blue adds some subtle contrast. For the easy every day look with some definition, try Chanel Mirage with Milani Bella Bronze in the crease. And for the ultimate bronze look, try NARS Isolde on the lid with Bobbi Brown Camel in the crease. It's hard to go wrong with any combination of the above.

Speaking of blue eyeliner, I've been on the hunt for a good one and NARS  Eyeliner Stylo in Atlantic is perfection. Their extra fine felt tip makes application a breeze, and the color manages to add both definition and subtle contrast. Think sophisticated blue, not 80's blue.

Quick bonus favorite - Chanel Nail Polish in Holiday has been on my nails non-stop all summer. How could I possibly resist this orange perfection after reading this post???