01 April 2014

runway crayon lip pencils by lord & berry

My first thought when I saw the "RUNWAY" display at CVS was the magazine (Carrie Diaries anyone?!). Then I saw the tiny print at the bottom, "by Lord & Berry", and knew they were coming home with me. Curiously, I have no idea how much they actually cost. The CVS employees were totally confused at the register because they wouldn't scan, so they made up a price... go figure.

The other interesting thing was that they had testers out, which seems to be becoming more popular recently in drugstores. Good idea in theory, but in reality without sales associate supervision it becomes a filthy mess. For the drugstore, I prefer the safety seal style packaging where you can see the color, because then you know that no one has touched it.

I picked up four different colors, Naturelle, Lust, Orange, and Cherry. All four have a very similar texture, although Lust and Orange seem to emphasize dry lips more than the other two. The formula reminds me a lot of the NARS satin lip pencils, they are very thin and comfortable feeling and last 3-4 hours for me. They are not noticeably drying or moisturizing. Cherry wears the longest with a slight staining effect, which is to be expected from a darker color. There was a great selection of lighter nude and pink colors in the display, so if that is your thing you should definitely check them out. Everything was a cream, no shimmer. Overall, these are sophisticated and refined lipsticks at a drugstore price point.

I contacted Lord & Berry to get more information on this US launch, and they let me know that Runway is their mass market niche brand and it is fully made in Italy / Europe. Lord & Berry is a boutique makeup brand that specializes in catwalks, and Runway is along the same concept, however on a branding level for US drugstores. They hope this test with CVS will be successful so that they can move forward. I do as well, I would love to see Lord & Berry come to the US!