21 April 2014

pixi glow tonic

I am a huge fan of Caroline Hirons' no nonsense skincare blog, so when her highly recommended Pixi Glow Tonic became available online here in the US I had to get one right away. I was not disappointed and this is now my second bottle.

Skincare is a difficult thing to review because it is so different for everyone. My skin is not particularly sensitive to harsh products, however I do break out easily. I apply morning and night after washing my face and prior to moisturizer. While it does not do much when I have a breakout, it is amazing at clearing up the mark left after and helping to prevent more. It has really helped to even out my combination skin as well, my T-zone is less oily and the dry areas are much smoother.

This is nothing like the alcohol based toners I used to use, and it is a vast improvement from the "non-alcohol" toners that I used to use which felt like there was a film left on my face. The key is the 5% glycolic acid which is a chemical exfoliant to help promote cell turnover. I had not used many chemical exfoliants prior to this, but now I want to try more because my skin has responded so well!