09 January 2014

laura mercier crème eye liner in graphite

I was wandering around Nordstrom the other day checking out the new Spring collections. There are a lot of light, shimmery neutral and pastel palettes out there right now which aren't really my thing (looking forward to the NARS release). I was about to leave empty handed, but then the Laura Mercier display caught my eye with their new Crème Eye Liner in Graphite ($22). I was totally sold on it even before the sales associate helped me try it on. This eye liner is a beautiful murky sage gray, I've never seen anything like it. Laura Mercier crème eye liners are incredibly easy to use also, much wetter texture than gel eyeliner and they have a nice balanced dry time which gives a little play but they still dry down quickly. For a lighter color, it still has really intense pigment in it. I have no issues with smudging either, it's barely starting to fade when I take my makeup off at night.

This color is perfect for doing a nice thick lined look. It is defined, but very soft. I actually really like it with the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette or any "rose gold" toned eye shadow. They complement each other, the rose tones bring out the green, and the green makes the rose gold tones pop. This is also light enough to smudge under the lower lash, you just have to work quickly. I can't recommend this eye liner enough and I look forward to using it often!

Swatch in sunlight: