24 January 2014

jordana best lash extreme volumizing mascara review

Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara is a steal for only $3.99. According to their website:
• Immediate Extreme Volume
• Buildable Formula Without Clumping
• Long-Lasting Power
• Made In Italy

It really does give a nice feathery & volumizing effect, the huge spiral bristle brush helps to coat the lashes. It has a dry formula with a light weight feel so I have minimal loss of curl, and this also makes it easy to remove. One key point that I need to disagree on is the lasting power - I have issues with flaking throughout the day. I prefer to use it on the weekends when I want something easy and basic, but for work days I prefer a much longer lasting mascara that can make it through the day.

I like to use two coats for the perfect feathery lashes. Three coats is too much, it becomes clumpy. Although I would love to see a waterproof formula to improve the lasting power, this is an impressive basic volumizing mascara for the price.

You can see this mascara in action here.