17 January 2014

dermalogica cover tint in medium

It's taken me a long time to write this review - I was really disappointed in this foundation at first. After using it off and on for about four months, and I've come to realize two things. One, the coverage is more like a tinted moisturizer. "Tint" is even in the name, although the description promises "full coverage". Two, you must really massage a generous amount into the skin with your hands. The sponge that was included went right into the trash. Massaging it in does two things, lightens the color so that it is less orange, and really gives it a natural skin-like appearance. I keep rubbing it into my face until it feels like it has set. Once I accepted both of these, this has become one of my new favorite foundations.

Most foundations are 1 oz, so this has a little more than normal at 1.3 oz. The high silicone content means I get great longevity and it lasts through an entire work day on me. They did not sacrifice moisture for this either, which makes it perfect to put on quickly in the morning when I'm running late without really missing my normal moisturizer. It has a dewy finish, and I usually powder my t-zone at a minimum.

Dermalogica's big selling point on this foundation is the broad spectrum SPF 20. While it's a nice addition, sunscreen is the dominating scent. Also, it seems to make it separate, so I always shake it well before I use it and store it upside down. While I was disappointed by the confusing and misleading description on the box, overall, this is a very unique foundation that works well as a sheer, low maintenance base.