04 November 2013

nars mozambique and iskandar eye paints

This review has taken me far to long to post. Between my love of cream eyeshadows and NARS being one of my favorite brands, I was really looking forward to the new NARS eye paints. I wanted colors I didn't already have, no more browns! Green and gold are one of my favorite color combos so when I saw those two they jumped out as the perfect pair.

The gel texture of these is unique, closest to probably the Bobbi Brown cream shadows. It's pretty different from both the Mabelline Color Tattoos and Make Up Forever Aqua Cream. The packaging is a simple glass jar with normal rubberized NARS cap. Although the rubberized texture really attracts dirt and is difficult to clean, I do like that NARS always keeps their packaging very streamlined. No room for bulky jars and palettes around here!

I've been experimenting with these for a few weeks now and found that they work very well as a base. They have a slightly tacky texture on their own (not as bad as Bobbi brown but similar). They are also excellent as liners, great color payoff with one swipe. Lasting power is incredible as well, I included a photo below from when I was removing the swatches that I think really demonstrates this!


This is one of the totally matte shades. It's a lovely toned down olive green while still very green at the same time. This one can be a little tricky to apply as a shadow, I found it to be patchy at times although this is a common problem with matte cream shadows. Best application was with a MAC 217 brush. It's easy to build up opaque color, but blend quickly because this dries very quickly. I will probably use this mainly as a liner, especially under the eye, because overall it's just not creamy enough to use as a shadow. For eyeshadow, the texture of the Mabelline Color Tattoo in Matte Brown is far superior at a third of the price.


This is an amazing deep warm gold shimmer in clear gel base that is incredibly flattering on warmer skin tones. It can be applied sheer or built up to a surprisingly opaque metallic finish. It is much easier to blend than Mozambique because it does not dry as quickly. I like to wear it as an all over lid color with a darker powder shadow lightly in the crease. To continue the Color Tattoo comparison, the texture of this one is far above a similar color by Mabelline, Bold Gold, which I found to be sheer and flaky.

Swatches in shade:

Swatches in sunlight:

Had a difficult time removing the swatches, talk about lasting power...

Still playing with these but should be a lot of fun through fall and winter!