27 October 2013

wet n wild silent era film, camera obscura, and grays matter eye shadow reviews

Three new Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow Trios have been silently appearing at Walgreens. I have not seen any announcements, and there is no mention on the WNW website. Since they are in a separate display they are likely limited edition.

Silent Era Film

Browbone: Light taupe, satin finish
Crease: Mid tone coral, mostly matte finish
Eyelid: Medium - dark gray, satin finish

This is my favorite of the three. The colors really compliment each other and pair beautifully, while still being distinct enough individually when applied.

Camera Obscura

Browbone: Light warm brown, barely satin finish
Crease: Muted coral, satin finish
Eyelid: Black base with subtle blue shimmer

Thought I would love these neutral tones more than I do. When I use all three, the colors blend together and become a little muddy on the eyelid. The browbone and crease colors were completely indistinguishable once applied. The best way to use it is the browbone & eyelid colors together, or the crease & eyelid colors together. The blue shimmer in the eyelid color is completely lost, it comes across as a dark gray applied.

Grays Matter

Browbone: Light gray
Crease: Purple gray
Eyelid: Dark purple / blue

This trio was the most disappointing of the three. The browbone shade is sheer and chalky, the crease shade has the best color payoff of the three but makes me look like I have a black eye, and the eyelid shade is chalky with poor color payoff.

I found Silent Era Film & Camera Obscura to be at the same quality level as the permanent range of coloricon trios. They work best over a base, which I always do anyway. Although they do not contain a real highlight shade, my sense is that most people have plenty of highlight shades and will enjoy having three medium to dark shades to play with.

Swatches in shade:

Swatches in sunlight:

My favorite part of this collection is the lack of frost finishes, which really keeps me from using some of the permanent line trios. Overall a great fall collection for a steal if you can find them! I will post some looks that I put together with these later in the week.