04 September 2013


I've been seriously craving a few product that I continue to read reviews on. My birthday present to myself was a few items from the new MAC Indulge collection, so I can't rationalize another splurge any time soon!

1.   Somehow I feel like I absolutely need this: Tom Ford She Wolf Ombre Eye Color Trio Palette ($60)

2.   Will very likely pick up at least one of these: NARS Mozambique and Umbangi Eye Paints ($25 each)
3.   Currently have been wearing gels more than standard polish so hard to justify. This just screams fall to me: Marc Jacobs Beauty Petra #140 Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer ($18)

4.   Just can't justify another plum eyeshadow quad but it is gorgeous: Chanel S├ęduction 42 Quadra Eyeshadow ($59)

5.   So far out of my nail polish price range. Also, I may have one or two taupe polishes already: Tom Ford Black Sugar Nail Lacquer ($32)

6.   Thought I had successfully resisted this one until I saw TiffanyD's post about it: Lorac Pro Palette ($42)