06 August 2013

essie fall 2013 collection swatches

The Essie Fall Collection just showed up at my local beauty supply store. I couldn't decide which ones I wanted, so I just went with the cube of four mini polishes ($15.99). It's not like I ever finish a full size bottle anyway! The pigmentation is very impressive with all of these, the swatches are all opaque with two coats, and no top coat.

For The Twill of It (the duochrome effect is very subtle)

The Lace is On (unfortunately this picture was a little unfocused, shows the shimmer though)

Cashmere Bathrobe (this is definitely my favorite)

Vested Interested (close second, love a blue green cream)

While I'm not quite ready to wear these colors yet in the hot weather, I look forward to wearing them once it starts cooling off.