05 June 2013

chanel stylo eyeshadow in moon river

I've previously mentioned my obsession with cream stick eyeshadows, so of course I couldn't possibly pass up Chanel's new Stylo Eyeshadow ($34).

From the description on Chanel's website, this "smooth-gliding pen applicator delivers a new lightweight, long-wear shadow that highlights eyes with gleaming colour. A cooling, water-infused formula creates a shimmering veil on lids—or precisely lines the eyes with perfect definition. An exclusive creation from the L’ÉTÉ PAPILLON DE CHANEL Collection."

The shimmer in Chanel products is completely unmatched and this is no exception. It really has a cooling sensation as well. I was a little unsure about this with my easily irritated eyes, but it really is soothing. Application is simple and requires almost zero effort to blend. Downside is that the wear time really seems to max out around 8 hours. No matter what the primer or lack of primer used the eventual fall out and creasing seems to be inevitable. With this level of shimmer though, it is to be expected. I like to wear it as just a wash of sparkly glowy neutral color on my lids. Recently I took a suggestion from Cafe Makeup and applied a light brown powder to the crease and it added the perfect amout of definition while remaining neutral. It would also be fun to go a little more graphic with a thick line as eyeliner with a thinner line of black on top.